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Reporting GM Kyoshi for Abusing his Commands.


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Name of your ingame character: Chhris

Name of character you're reporting: <GM> Kyoshi

Reason why you're reporting: I logged on and started t-bagging kyoshi. And then he started using his GM commands kill me and to freeze me in place, all because i t-bagged him! He also muted me for 10hrs for saying 2 swear words in /o, i know that swearing in /o is mutable but for 10hrs (if it is needed i have proof he muted me for 10hrs). That is unacceptable behaviour from a GM!

And his only reason for freezing me and flying up high and summoning me dropping me to my death is because I t-bagged him and I asked why is he doing this and he said "Dont t-bag a GM" Since when was t-bagging a GM against the rules! Anyways here is my proof of him abusing the .summon and .freeze command.


Thank you for reading this.

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