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Full Gearing Guide


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Good guide, literally covers everything. It should be put on the front page or something so new players can check it out. Also, caps, colored chat ban.

.banip Mitch -1 gayhomo

Its so long it must be good! So I gave it a like.

;) trust me

Great guide :D

Looks like it took a long time to create.


good one Tiri. Doing something useful. Haha.

Good to see some one loves to help new players.


So much lol.

also, thanks :)

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Never thought I'd see the day when Bill actually said something useful...and he said a lot of useful things here. You make me so proud :*) My wittle Bill is, dare I say it, possibly becoming a productive member of society.

You say this as I'm currently banned for Racism and Spam. :)

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Nice guide almost read thru its awesome you rock helped alot. I know alot more then i knew before yeah just checked guide cause i was sorta having trouble with gear and weapons but i was just wondering if it could help it did. I started without a guide at first i learn stuff fast just i forget to check the rules!! i got banned for 2 hours cause of spawn killing lol but that was a while ago

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Very great guide! I wish I would have read this when I first started playing, as it would have helped me, alot. I have a history of asking noobie questions right off the start. :D

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