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  1. My donation. Is complete... please set my vip status accordingly..
  2. Hello Minifutzi is here. Since i can not find any Information on my problem i am going to try to get an answer. I would love to donate some money, about 25$. For some custom stats on my weapon. Please tell me where i can fill out whatever kind of form. I only fin preset vip sets....which i do not want to buy
  3. BaD_GoD

    4.3.2 Warning

    Admins dont give a faeces neither you lost the money nor you cant play anymore... U read and agreed to the therms of donation. So you the guy who are f**ked in the end -> GET USED TO IT and dont cry...and of course they wont upgrade there server to 4.3.2 because as you might mentioned the admins are a bunch of mentally handicaped bastard who can steal other server but not change anything to make it more common to anyone.. Ty for readin this yours THE TRUTH (;
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