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Custom Item Creation

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I have seen some people struggle with making custom items, so this is being made in an attempt to help players.

Making a custom item is pretty simple, you can customize any VIP or farmed item unless stated otherwise. You can make a fresh item if you really wanted to, although it's not recommended as you can get more from customizing an item with stats already on it. You can change the name, description, display, and weapon type when customizing or spending at least $5 on that item, items must be customized first before you are able to add anything.

First you need to know what you want before you make a ticket (what stats, display id, name, etc..) I don't want to see people making a ticket unsure about what they want. That will only make the wait longer.

Finding an item displayid can be a little tricky, you can find formats & how to get displayids here. If you can't find it, just send us a wowhead link to the item and we can find it for you.

For item display ID go to wowhead and search for the item and get a link like this


Remove everything to the item ID and add "&xml" like this


Then simply search the part where it says

"<Icon displayId="55906">"

NOTE: You can only use items up to patch 4.3.4!!

If you want to add stats, simply follow the formats we provided, for each new stat just add a new line. A price list for stats can be found here

Using the information found here, this is what a custom item request should look like:


    Character Name: Tent
    Item Original Name: Blackfyre
    New Item Name: Tent's Dagger, color code: 3377ff
    New Item Desc: Tenting
    New Item DisplayID: 105371
    Item Type: Dagger
    Add Stat: Agility - 6,000 - €10
    Add 3 meta socket - €15

Failure to follow this format may result in a longer wait time, an admin may delay your ticket until the proper formats are provided.







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