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New stuffs :D


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Hey guys, sorry for being so late, but here is the things we have done so far to Reaper.

1) VIP weapon speeds increased.

VIP 1 and 2 has same speed!.

VIP 3 has increased. Weapon speed now 1.5!

VIP 4 and 5 has increased. Weapon speed now 2!

VIP 6 has increased. Weapon speed now 3!.

2) New players start at the Maelstrom, which gives a quest that takes them to the "Deepholm" mall. If they then complete the "Starter Weapon quests" a NEW quest unlocks! To kill Deathwing! if you kill him you get to pick a Trinket with 15,000 stats.

3) We have added more mobs around Deathwing, so you would want to make a big group of players.

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