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Druid Class Balancing


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Insect Swarm - Litteraly does 3% of my overall damage on every single fight, Maybe Buff the spell a little? I know Moonfire is where most of Druid damage comes from but even without mastery moonfire dots hit for 5x the amount of insect swarm dots, which is why it just feels super clunky to press for any type of *rotation*.

Starsurge - Starsurge should be the bread and butter of Balance druids, It should and has always been the hardest hitting abilty Balance druid has had coming from older expensions. with that in mind, Starsurge hits significantly lower then a plain Starfire, which has no cooldown and you can litteraly spam, again making starsurge useless to press in any circumstances. PS* There is also an issue with *Shooting Stars*, the talent. it should be resetting the cooldown on starsurge and making it instant cast. It is making it instant cast but never resets the cooldown even if you do get shooting stars procs. Buffing the damage for it to deal more damage then Starfire would be very satisfying to make this class cooler to use instead of only clicking on 1 button which is Moonfire, and also making the proc work accordingly would be very fun aswell.


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