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Eternian Dev Notes


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  • IceCold Admins

Hello, little late with this one but here are my plans for Eternian moving forward.

After some time away I have returned as a developer for Eternian, this should allow me to focus more on the content side of things...
I have plans to make a third challenge dungeon, this will most likely be Tempest Keep, I have not planned out all of the details just yet so that is all I'm able to share about my next project. This is designed to be the last one, but I am open to making more if players want more of that.
between major releases I will be slowly revamping old content. Starting with some world bosses and moving to IW dungeons and whatever else needs work. I hope to have content out on a fairly regular schedule, this can of course change if things get in the way, but that's the plan at least.

One last thing, the reduction to DoT ticks per second didn't have the impact on casters I was hoping for, in an effort to remedy this, I will be looking at trying to fix channeled spells.  I would love to hear player's thoughts on this, please feel free to provide feedback or PM me if you have any concerns. 


The following channeled spells are working on the dev realm:

Mind Flay,

Divine Hymn,

Hymn of Hope,

Mind sear,

Drain Soul,

Drain Life,


Rain of Fire,


Arcane Missiles, 


They tick normally, as you would with no haste. I believe this is good as the aoe spells would be too strong if they ticked like the other spells. I will be buffing spell damage/healing to make up for this a bit.


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  • IceCold Admins
8 hours ago, Castaway said:

This sounds great, does this also mean that you will be looking at shamans “Earthquake” spell? Woud love for it to work^^

I would love to fix it as well. However, Earthquake has some core problems which I am unable to look at myself. I will see if the owner can make a fix for it.

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I would like to mention that, Tent, thank you very much for your intense amount of work.



For your observance: You are an outstanding reasonable personality with a mellifluous positive thinking. This server, IceCold-WoW (also known as information processing), would not be where it is momentarily without your appropriate support and contributions.


There should be a ceremony to honor your elucidate deeds.


Ever heard of the legend 'Extraordinary incomes counterfeit extraordinary abilities'?



"If you're petitioned to be a hero, then be a hero."

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