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Please add a way to tell if the servers are up.


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I really like icecold wow and i want to play it. it would be cool to see if the servers are up.

like if the auth/login, world and character DB servers are up. I have a mini repack of the game i can sort of see how this would be done but in practice it may be possible.

so i will ask you one last time, can you try to provide a "servers are up" page to view when we cannot login to the game?

Good luck finding a way to do this, I would love to login and play soon. lova you guys. -Zak

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I would like to mention that, ZakariVlol, your material incentive has been sanguinely homologated by the development department. Appreciation would be convenient as it is your intralinguistic obligation. Someone who lacks gratitude is beyond my surreptitious familiarity.



Incidentally, you have no reason to evince your realistically portrayed horticulture. I find that quite unacceptable.

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