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Upgradable DOH weaponns also higher maxstack.


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Let me start off by saying we need higher maxstacks for items like fine iron. Currently the maxstack is 1000. Which is waaay to low, I already have a bag full of them.

It would be nice to have upgradable DoH weapons, gives us somthing else to farm instead of having one chosen path. Keeps us from getting burnt out from running the same ICC dungeon for glacial armor. I've given an example of an upgradable weapon below. It's not a BIG upgrade but obviously that could be tweaked a bit. This upgrade could go up to V or X. Each time it requiring harder materials to get. Maybe on the last level it requires more than 1 Embroidery.




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  • IceCold Admins

DoH items will not be getting an upgrade. I do have plans for new weapons + weapon upgrades, more info on that later. It's not good for the realm to add a bunch of stuff to the same dungeon, as you said. Players will eventually get burnt out from farming doh, as many of you have doing ICC. It has been out for quite a while now and we need to do something new for further item upgrades.

Stack sizes are increased on the dev realm, it's just a matter of getting the next update ready.


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