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New ICC Shirts


What one would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What would you like?

    • Two shirts!
    • I like having one shirt.

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Type: Item, Shirt

Description: it would be great to have some new shirts that would be worse than a max upgraded shirt but has both attack and spell power (Precious Ribbon Ver1). 

Or what you could do is add two new shirts, one for stinky so he doesn't feel left out :) (Precious Ribbon Ver2, Stinky's Ribbon). This gives more than the max upgraded shirts but will eventually be replaced or upgraded. Maybe you could give it some multiple choice upgrades where you get to choose what stats you actually want. More mastery, haste, spirit, gems ect. It would be great to see items that are not part of the main armour set.

Credits: Uh me I guess..




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