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Icecrown Citadel [Glacial]


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Icecrown Citadel is finally complete. Not everything we had planned will be available at launch, offsets will be done a a day or so after launch. Legendary weapon quest lines still need a lot of work and will be completed in the next while.

With ICC, a new upgrade for Ice Warden gear is available. Glacial is about 30% stronger than IW X.

Trash mobs will drop a new currency called Glacial Shard, this will be used with Fine Iron and Frozen Orbs to upgrade X to Glacial, bosses will drop more than trash mobs.

Upgrade requirements are as follows:

Glacial Shard x600

Frozen Orb x500

Fine Iron x150

Gunship is not working, you can skip it at the Scourge Transporter just after Lady Deathwhisper.

This was a huge project for our team, I hope everyone enjoys this. We have more content on the way.


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