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Not new, just never introduced myself.

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Hi, I'm Zak Kaioken, I 'm not exactly new here, I've been with icecold wow since cataclysm was still the current expansion, back when icecold wow had many bugs, for example: All or most items which would go away in retail, never went away here on icecold wow, if you bought a potion of nogginflrogger elixer you would effectively have it forever... until of course, they fixed it.

Back then i had a character, a warlock, she was really strong, I think i had upgraded her armor to the one you get after finishing the lightning dungeon in northrend. she had the old tabard of exploration which increased her haste by alot. which meant she was hitting the enemys really hard, and really fast.

enough of the story. I'm Zak Kaioken, I'm nearly an OG player, i'm really hoping people start coming back onto my favorite private server! :)

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I actually found my old account. It was made back in 2011. so i guess i am an OG with that in mind. (since most of the current gms accounts i've seen post on the fourms were made. ) i just kinda wish my account was usable, all of my characters were deleted and im not really that sad, i dont plan on using it because its tied to an email i dont touch anymore.

i just kinda wish my pc would connect to the server. i have no way of knowing if the server is offline, so... good luck friend!

- Zak

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By the way, new guy here as well. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, feeding my Pomeranian with some treats and watching TV with my wife. And when we're not indoors, we would play catch in our backyard with our dog (though we had to secure one of those petsafe Stay+Play wireless dog fence, just so he wouldn’t stray far from our yard. Our neighbor had a weak wooden partition, and we once had an argument when the poor fella ended up on his lawn). Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers!

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