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Just thinking of new idea's and came up with this. What if you could trade in your ice 1 handed weapons for 2 handed ice weapons. This would be helpful if you farmed for 1 handed weapons, and then say you purchased titans grip. This would allow you to now use your titans grip with your ice weapons, without farming all over again for 2 handed ice weapons. Would just need a vendor to do this exchange...Would be so helpful. :woot:

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Thanks for making a suggestion, we value your opinion.


This suggestion, with it's unique and altered idea is very neatly thought out, there is very possibly and can be done.. Lets see what others have to say! :)

deadlyduel are you a staff member? cuz your making comments like you are with the we value your opinion, just curious

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I would disagree with that UNLESS it required 2 one-handed weapons exchanged to a two-handed. Mainly because exchaning 1 one-handed into a two-hande cost less in material, than farming a two-handed.
More people would rather make the weapon custom and turn the two-handed into a one-handed which cost 15$ compare to spend 50$ on titan grip.

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Here's my take: 


TG - $50

1h to 2h - $10 + $5


Those to purchases should be put into check and balance when we consider the swap to a 2 hander from a 1 hander. What I can see happening is a series of quests for each class to view and see. These said quests would allow you to exchange farmed Armor and Weapons for two currencies that can be used to get different Ice Warden's items. This was in the planning stages a few months ago, but revamps and fixes come first before new content.


What we would do is base the costs off the material requirements to upgrade (maybe just Fine Iron) and the sell price would equal the cost. This would allow you to farm a few pieces of extra gear and swap it for something else that your class could use. In another example; you could change the excess one-handed weapons into two-handers by completing the exchange quests. The idea is quite simple, but the implementation is quite difficult. I would need to create 80+ quests with items specified for each class, so that Paladins cannot get Mage armor quests.


Before anyone mentions it: No, we cannot do a vendor because it would cause a ton of spam in the IceCold Info dialogue that you see when you interact with "The Observer".


I can gladly take suggestions on this idea, as it is still in the planning stages.


Thanks for your suggestions and feedback, it always is great to hear from you. 

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