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Project Fire 4.3 Alpha Testing


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Project Fire 4.3 Alpha Testing

We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be opening a small piece of Project Fire for alpha testing. Project Fire is the name of the project to completely transform the Ice-Reaper realm. Absolutely everything is changing for the better. You will find hardly a trace of the current Reaper's content in the overhaul.


The purpose of this alpha test focuses on two things:

  • Balance testing: This is the most essential part. We will be running extensive tests of the new armor and weapon sets on each class, so that we can collect results and use them to balance classes. Testers on the realm will be asked by staff to perform guided tests of their class, so we get the most accurate results.
  • Starter experience testing: For new players. A fun little questline in Dalaran that introduces players to the realm. Testers are encouraged to leave feedback on the quests.

The Project Fire test realm will be opened sometime in the evening on Friday, 23rd October 2015. The tests are predicted to last approximately 1 week. The realm may be unavailable for periods of time during the testing week.


To participate in the Project Fire alpha test, you will need a WoW 4.3.4 client.

I don't have one

Don't worry, you can use this quick-install client: Download

Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to a new folder. Run "Wow.exe" and allow it some time to set up. Any time you want to access the alpha, run Wow.exe in the folder. Do not use the IceCold Launcher.

I have one already

Download one of these ZIP files depending if your client is enUS or enGB: enUS or enGB

Extract the contents of the ZIP into your 4.3.4 folder, replacing the files with the ones from the ZIP. To play the alpha, run Wow.exe. Do not use the IceCold Launcher.


This is an alpha test. What you are testing is unfinished content. It may change significantly before final release.

The first test is limited to Dalaran. Players cannot leave Dalaran and so cannot view or test content outside the city yet.

Click here to view the article

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