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Administrative Ticket Information and Formats (Please Read)


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Hello Eternian,


I wanted to clarify a few things to those of you making Administrative Tickets regarding Transfers, Stat Swaps, and similar purchases. Some formats need to be designed, and I would like to put them all in one place. Read carefully as it may reduce the amount of time your ticket might take, and please copy and paste these formats when requesting something in a ticket:




  • Character Name: (The character's name that the item below is located on. Spell check this one, don't put "my warrior")
  • Item Name: (The item name that the custom stats are located on, please don't put "my sword". You know the item's name, please help yourself)
  • Stat From: (Any custom stat you purchased on the item above)
  • Stat To: (The stat that you would like to change to)
  • (Optional) Amount From:
  • (Optional) Amount To:

^These two (Optional)'s regard something that we will still check for stat conversions.




  • Character From:
  • Character To:
  • Purchases: (Things like Titan's Grip, FTP, VIP3 are specified here)
  • Custom Items: (Use complete names, not things like "my sword" or "my custom tabby")


!! For a Transfer + 2x Stat Swap Bundle ($20) use the two formats above for each change. !!




  • Character Name:
  • Item Original Name: (Exact item name required)
  • New Item Name: (Must follow chat rules, can be colored text using HTML Color Code)
  • New Item Desc: (Can be blank/colored text)
  • New Item DisplayID: (Use www.WoWhead.com>View Source> Find>DisplayID>Number following 'DisplayID')
  • Item Type: (Axe, Sword, Leather, Etc.)
  • Add Stat: Stat - Amount - (Optional) Price
  • (list more stats in a new line)


!! For Full Customization/Reskin ($30) use the above format, just add a new section for each item you are changing. !!


If, for any reason, you decide to not follow these formats your ticket may be prolonged for a few days until the required information is received.



Secondly, to get this written down for people to read:


Asking about a ticket in-game, or via any other direct means of contacting staff about an Administrative Ticket may result in a mark on your ticket. These marks push the ticket back at least 24 hours, and your ticket is moved to the bottom of the list. You may not be informed of the mark, but all admins may see the mark as a note on your ticket. Please be patient, Administrative Ticket Responses may take up to 24 hours each, depending on traffic and availability of staff. If you need immediate assistance with an in-game issue, please create an in-game ticket, and someone will assist you as soon as possible. If you have a question about your Admin Ticket, please reply to the current ticket and wait.


Thank you kindly.



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