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1. Create a REAL world boss, Non-vip only, LONG respawn "8+ hours", but drops that are top tier ( Weapons, and accessories) These drops would be some of the best in-game but very difficult to get due to drop rate, Boss difficulty, rolling between people, and the long respawn.


2. Create a quest chain. Example - Kill 500 mobs in BFD and obtain a piece of the diamond, Kill 750 mobs in Stonecore and obtain the second part of the diamond, Kill 1000 mobs in BFD and obtain the diamond. Then  once you get the 3 diamond fragments you go to Arcatraz in which you need to defeat 300 mobs, all the bosses and obtain the final item needed. These Fragments and the final item would be EXTREMELY rare. Then once finish each quest (Each dungeon listed would be a quest) you get a choice of a Really good Thrown, Bow, Gun, or Wand OR a really good Ring/Trinket/Neck. You would get a choice of one, and the quest line could only be done once per toon.


3. Deathwing should drop loot ontop of the daily bag. This would create a reason for people to go back to deathwing. Maybe you could have a BoA Ring, Trinket or Cloak drop that has upgrades or you could create BoE Trinkets that could also drop (Not random stats because most of them are useless)


4. There most definitely needs to be more VIP extras. Maybe a VIP only Tabard/Shirt/Cloak upgrade that can give you extra stam/resil/spell pen/AP/SP. There should be a better incentive to donate, I mean donations keep the server alive, why not keep the donaters alive and not bored to death?


5. The last suggestion I will give for this thread is to make BoA items harder to farm, at this point it's kind of useless to farm the melee stuff because the Frozen is better. Nothing can help this realm out more than a little bit of variety!


Thanks for reading and let me know some feedback on these! I want the server to get better and it could only get better from us players helping!! So lets start getting more suggestion threads going and more idea's flowing! Help them Help Us! :D

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If you mean with that nonvip boss that only nonvip gear can be equipped there, +1.

also i tried to suggest a Vip upgrade for Farmable gear, this way ppl that have Vip status can spend some tome and run dungeons to get better gear than the average non vips, without affecting the donatioms at all. Its better to have us bussy than complaining about the lack of content for endgame.

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bump, I want these to get noticed, we need more content and not just easy content. We need content that is going to reward you for your HARD work. Arc is good and all but it's too easy!


We need harder more rewarding content. Please!

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