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[Ice Warden's Brawling Tunic V] Upgrade is useless to some classes

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As I was farming offsets for my shaman I noticed that the when upgrading to  [Embroidered Ice Warden's Brawling Tunic V] you will lose out on 1400 AP DEPENDING WHAT CLASS YOU PLAY. you may gain hit rating, Stamina and ONE gem slot, but i know some people... Like myself tend to try and stack as much AP.



 [ice Warden's Brawling Tunic V]

Strength 2980 = 2980 AP

Agility 2980 = 5960 AP

Increase attack power by 5960

= 14900 AP (Shaman + rogue class)




[Embroidered Ice Warden's Brawling Tunic V]

Strength 1050 = 1050 AP

Agility 1050 = 2100 AP

Increase Attack power by 10350

= 13500 AP (shaman + rogue class)



that's a loss of 1400 AP I know people do not like to lose stats especially when you are farming materials to upgrade! This upgrade costs  8million MG, 200 x unbound energy and  [ice Warden's Embroidery] and as i have stated is only useful for probably Warriors and DK's?

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The former Tabards and Shirts will be getting nerfed down to the correct stats after a large project is done. Classes that gain 2xAgil+2x/1xStrength = AP are Rogue, Shaman, Druid and Hunter. From all of the experience I have, these four classes are the only ones that benefit from both. The stats on all farmable items will be reworked soon enough.



Removing strength benefits from Hunters, Shamans, Druids and Rogues and then creating another line of Tabard Upgrades for Agility classes may be something that benefits everyone.


Druid may be a tricky one, because of the bear form strength benefits. The staff and I will decide on that in a meeting.

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