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Custom Bags Removal


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Ice-Eternian has been growing, and going through some adaptations as it is going. One of these adaptations is the removal of custom bags.

The main reason we are commencing this change is to allow better gear restrictions on instances, to make things a bit more challenging for you, and to put that preciously farmed Ice Warden's gear to the test.

We are going to change all currently customized bags into a token, and the description will read: "Create an Admin Support Request to redeem this token. You will be allowed one free item change for the bag token we create."

IMPORTANT: Create an admin ticket with the title "Bag Evolution" to be serviced on the matter. Any requests without this title may be disregarded.

Any tickets that are for customizing an item into a bag will be denied and closed. Any tickets requesting additional stats to a custom bag will be denied and closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your time.

Please be patient if you have an admin ticket, because there may be a heavy amount of tickets open at any given time.

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 - Update - 


The changes were made this morning (my time) and I will be going through to fine comb the leftover bags, and some items will be changed back. In order to get your items back, including the token if you had a custom bag, you need to use the magic stone and use the receive donations option.

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