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Combat Rogue Mastery

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Combat is my favorite mastery on Rogue as you only need a certain amount of mastery (like 15k) for it to be 100% effective :) I take it that it is broken and that will be the reason why it is not working.. also with frost mastery.. (fire and Arcane both work) It is probably just the case of it being broken.


- Pommy

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To start, sorry for the late reply. I've been slacking on viewing the forums lately :/


I don't recall disabling the mastery, or anyone else. I'll have to double check and edit this post later. But, just as a general statement, most of the spells on the current core are bugged, and a majority of the masteries are either hit or miss (only work % of the time) or just flat out don't work. Hopefully this will be resolved soon(™), but I have no ETA.

Edit: Doesn't look to be disabled.

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