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Suggestion on the old VIP coustemed off set


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  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : General Improvement / buff
  • A short description :  The new VIPs off sets have a lot more stats the the old one's and sadly the admins wont allowe the  costumed off set to be changed to the new stats  [Neck / back / trinks and rings]  if we could make admin tickets and get our new stats that will be great because i really feel bad when i see some one with the new vip set and have way more stats the me
  • How and Who would that Benefit : The whole old costumed gear VIPs  
  • Any screenshots/images if needed : This is the different between them 1b5f025949.jpg



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Sadly, when customizing an item you're agreeing that changes made to the original item you customized are not going to be applied to your customized item, however this may come with a nerf, or a buff. The only time items will be changed is if stats are multiplied/divided completely.

But, as the players keep asking, I'll ask the staff as a whole if we feel that it would be worth it to make this change, however, players would need payment proof of their VIP / Customizations in order for this to take effect.

I'll update this post with the staffs choice.

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