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Suggestion - Transmog Tokens


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I have been struggling with an idea for easier transmog tokens for about a month now. I wanted an easier way to get transmog tokens for players. Now, the benefit of transmog tokens is not much, or rather visual enhancement for players. Adding my suggestion could mean a little bit more of a diversity in players' gear, as well as bring a bit of ease to players looking to get looking good. 
I would request that 1x
[Transmogrification Token] be added to a vendor for purchase using 2x[unbound Energy]. This works for players that are online (to kill CP) and offline (voting). Voting, they may either use 4VP or 2x[unbound Energy] (which cost 2VP/pc). 
The payout is not worth the cost at this time, so my goal is to balance it out for our community.
Thank you all for your time and consideration.

-[ice-E] Sean (Botd)

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