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GM/Dev Abuse


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  • Player's Name : Gunvarrel & Xmzzy & Jordon

  • Rule Broken : They were randomly flying around the arena in GM fly aswell as flying under the arena. I don't really know which rule.

  • What Happened : I don't totally if this counts as GM abuse but they were flying around and going under the arena and when I asked Gunvarrel he says since he is a Dev he is allowed to do whatever he want's. I really don't think this is fair in my opinion and makes the server look bad like the GM's/Devs aren't trained. I also have a picture of Xmzzy saying he was High meaning he is more prone to abuse with gunvarrel. EDIT: Right when I posted this Jordan asked if anyone wanted to go under the arena with him and he would teach them how.

  • Screenshots : (Required) I will post a imgur with all of the pictures because it would be to many to post here.
  • Here is the album of pictures. http://imgur.com/a/LkWGz
  • After I made the album I got a picture of him sleeping a player for no reason. http://imgur.com/W0TO8Xk
  • Here is the picture asking if anyone wanted to go under the arena with jordon and learn how. http://imgur.com/qM2T9IS

Thanks! I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't think this stuff is ok in my opinion. Thanks!

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