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Trogh Vote Hacking.


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Name of character you are reporting: Trogh
Date/Time of incident: 8/13/14
Reason for report: Trogh vote hacked for the characters he has on the shop. All of the accounts were made on June 26. He claims he voted once a day for about 50 days on each account. I did the actual math and if he started voting the day he created the accounts, he would have voted once a day for 73 days. 73x5=365. As everyone knows, 1 fotb anything costs 200 vote points. He has 3 on each character on the shop. He also didn't buy the characters so they didn't come with the fotbs.(as seen in the proof).






The accounts:





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I got a Shaman from him though, please don't take it from me...

And if the gms do something about this, they will refund the money you spent on it. If they don't do it when they take it away, just make an admin ticket. That's what I did when I was in your situation with a full vp hunter.

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He bought an item on one account, transferred the character from it to another account, one more item, and again like this. He transferred 3 times on 5 different toons. That's 4000 Vote Points. Simple maths damn it.

So the way you're saying it, he made 3 xfers for each of the 5 characters? If he did it the cheapest way, that's 5 dollars for each transfer. 5x3=15 15x5=75. He is telling me that he only spent a total of $10 to transfer all the characters 3 times each. That is literally impossible with the 20% tax. http://prntscr.com/4chfww



Its relatively easy to change your IP, IP lock does nothing.

Changing your ip to vote more is also bannable.

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i also have proof i have sent via pm to a GM here waiting on a reponse xD. Plus i did the math and its incorrect from what he has told me . ( I have SS's of the conversation also )


Edit: also sorry if im not allowed to post here i wasnt sure, i just figured i'd share my information i had collected as well.

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If he is voting 2 times and not


Sorry for the double post first, Superhero, I think you're wrong. I get 10 vote points per day because I vote every morning at 8:00am for example and then vote again at 8:00pm, so it's possible to get those in 73 days.

365x2 = 730.


So yea...

And I think xfering voters fotbs is not possible. Even if it was, why would he xfer all of it on one account for 9 xfers-> 75$ ?

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