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  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : Dungeon.
  • A short description : A dungeon to farm Transmog Tokens, Unbound Energy and/or other Misc. items.
  • How and Who would that Benefit : It would benefit everyone, especially people who aren't online when Events are made. It would benefit people because Transmog is something to do in your spare time/when you're bored and would create a faster way to rack up Transmog tokens than the 1 per 12 hours or whatever it is you can get at the moment.
    Unbound Energy on the other hand would purely be for faster upgrade purposes.
  • Any screenshots/images if needed : N/A


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I don't think they wanted people getting transmog tokens that fast because then it wouldn't be as cool when everyone gets whatever transmog set they want in a day.


Also, the unbound energy is meant to be harder to farm due to the fact the tabard gives you a great amount of haste and stats.


To end it off it isn't a great idea that I'd want implemented into the game, but HEY! Idea's are what make the server better, some are good and some aren't, you can't always win!

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