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Mypetisafk bug abusing Illu zone


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Name of character you are reporting: Mypetisafk
Date/Time of incident: 10.07.2014
Reason for report: He was abusing the NPC plenty of times, I watched him how he did it. He did it MORE than like 3 or 2 times. I came when he tryed ² bug it but he failed.. so he tryed it again and BUMM... there y' go. He did it on Vyndra as well.

post-130775-0-79463700-1405015637_thumb. post-130775-0-63333800-1405015654_thumb. post-130775-0-07637300-1405015667_thumb. post-130775-0-78587100-1405015680_thumb. post-130775-0-30274400-1405015694_thumb. post-130775-0-31093000-1405015706_thumb.

post-130775-0-54899700-1405015720_thumb. post-130775-0-10040600-1405015735_thumb. post-130775-0-34303500-1405015746_thumb.

post-130775-0-96965600-1405015759_thumb. post-130775-0-69373600-1405015774_thumb.




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