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Tasmanian (Paladexo)


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Name of character you are reporting: Tasmanian
Date/Time of incident: Can't remember the day, but must've happened at 04.07.2014
Reason for report: Paladexo is dodging his ban the 3nd time. We all know that this is not enough proof, but I have talked with him alot. So, here we go:

I was in the arena, suddenly a guy called "Tasmanian talked ² me, I have never seen him before. He said that I were inviting alot people to the guild, and yeah, i was, he knows that because he was on a rogue called "Reaner" while I was on my rogue inviting alot people to the guild called "BC". Then i asked him if he knows Paladexo, he said nope. I was trying to outsmart him, it worked for me, it gave me enough proof. However, then he says he only knows him as friend, then "i don't know him,,yes", then "but i help him" WTF? LOL. I thought he doesn't knows him, but helps him? Rofl comeon.. Paladexo never needs help anyways. He's not that guy asking people for help. He's always in the arena, or on his VIP7 pally doing his dailys, pve and so on. I asked him if paladexo has a VIP7, and he said no. Of course he says no.. logic. And i asked him some more questions.. but at the end, he didn't response anymore, i was asking him something, but i forget what it was. THEN he went offline. AND HE NEVER CAME BACK.. I caught Paladexo 2 times now, this is the 3nd time. I'm not that bad, I didn't toke this guy for no reason.. I had my reasons..


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We all know that this is not enough proof


Don't get me wrong, we appreciate you paying attention, but we can't do anything with reports like these.

You must understand that we're talking about a permanent ban here. All the suspicion in the world wouldn't make us ban someone permanently.

For something to happen in this matter we would need conclusive evidence, something that shows us that it must be him, without any doubt whatsoever.

Imagine getting banned for any period of time because we "think" you broke a rule. Doesn't work like that, especially when it comes to permanent bans.


I've told you that I'm looking into it, I won't just leave it be. You know this.

Just be patient.

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