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Begging, then DR


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Two kids were asking me for runs, then when I said "nope" they started being asses to me.


Time: 5:05pm Realm Time

Player(s): Alanath, Spawner

Reason: DR





[World]<VIP>[Oasis]: Are someone selling a vip7?
15:04 [Oasis] says: idk
15:04 [spawner] says: look at my crap
15:04 [Oasis] says: what wepons u mean
15:04 [Oasis] says: xD
15:04 [Oasis] says: start voting
15:04 [spawner] says: like the rune weapons ?
[World]<VIP>[Pricetag]: What ya offer
15:04 [spawner] says: till i get 200 votes ...
15:04 [Oasis] says: Then do dailies in arena
15:05 [spawner] says: hey >standard<
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15:05 [standard] says: What?
15:05 [spawner] says: can you help me get some stuff 
[World][Alanath]: Somebody can help me on skywall get 26 [Holy Star]'s? i pay 1.50$
15:05 [standard] says: No.
[World][Athenewinss]: whats the best way to make gold
You have unlearned [Repentance].
You have unlearned [Divine Storm].
You have unlearned [Templar's Verdict].
You have unlearned [sheath of Light].
You have unlearned [Two-Handed Weapon Specialization].
You have unlearned [Judgements of the Bold].
You have learned a new ability: [Ardent Defender].
You have learned a new spell: [Hammer of the Righteous].
You have learned a new spell: [shield of the Righteous].
You have learned a new spell: [Avenger's Shield].
You have learned a new ability: [Vengeance].
You have learned a new ability: [Touched by the Light].
You have learned a new ability: [Judgements of the Wise].
15:05 [spawner] says: ok 
15:05 [spawner] says: ur a dumbass
15:05 [standard] says: Yeah?
15:05 [Alanath] says: dumbass
15:05 [Alanath] says: he got it rigth'w
15:05 [Alanath] says: you a dumbass
15:06 [standard] says: Don't come to the arena.
15:06 [spawner] says: like i care
15:06 [Alanath] says: why not wanna camp non vip?
15:06 [Alanath] says: ??
15:06 [standard] says: I'd bounce your head of the ground.
15:06 [Alanath] says: idc if you camp me
15:06 [Alanath] says: oh you a girl
15:06 [Alanath] says: bitchclap
15:06 [spawner] says: your even dumber then
15:06 [standard] says: Talk about it.
15:06 [Alanath] says:  [The Forgotten Blade] vip weapon
15:07 [spawner] says: the most 
15:07 [standard] says: qq
15:07 [Alanath] says: vip
15:07 [standard] says: I don't owe either of you little kids faeces.
15:07 [standard] says: Get off my dick.
15:07 [Alanath] says: loser
15:07 [standard] says: LOL
15:07 [Alanath] says: LOSER!
15:07 [Alexanderlol] says: haha xD
15:07 [Alanath] says: LOSER HERE GUY'S
15:07 [standard] says: Jelly.
15:07 [Alanath] says: A LOSER SUCK ME DICK!
15:07 [Alexanderlol] says: bruh go somewhere with that faeces xD
15:07 [spawner] says: yea to hell
15:07 [spawner] says: lol
15:07 [Alanath] says: BIG FAT LOSER!
15:08 [standard] says: Its okay.
15:08 [Alanath] says: :)
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15:08 [Alanath] says: ty
15:08 [Alanath] says: we know you gay
15:08 [spawner] says: a moron 5 here 
15:08 [spawner] says: lol
15:08 [standard] says: I'll just report your asses for DR.
15:08 [standard] says: GL
15:08 [Alanath] says: asses* DE
15:08 [Alanath] says: DR*
15:09 [Alanath] says: alezander
15:09 [Alexanderlol] says: yo?
15:09 [Alanath] says: for a bad paladin with fotb u not get 45#
15:10 [Alanath] says: $%$*
15:10 [Alanath] says: 45$
15:10 [Alexanderlol] says:  didnt post for 45?
15:10 [Alanath] says: idk 40$?
15:10 [Alexanderlol] says: nope xD
15:10 [Alanath] says: 35
[World]<VIP>[Oasis]: Selling this rogue W/me for Inspec 
15:10 [Alexanderlol] says: yes but im about to go farm it up more so gtfo
15:10 [Alanath] says: i sold me rogue with 2 fotbs for 16.70$
15:10 [Alexanderlol] says: i dont give a faeces
15:11 [Alanath] says: nobody give a **** ab out u pala
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15:11 [Alexanderlol] says: you said something to me so gtfo kid
15:11 [Alanath] says: stfu kiddo
15:11 [Alanath] says: s.t.f.u
15:11 [Alexanderlol] says: bro you act like your ten
15:11 [Lolypop] says: he are not a kid bastard!
15:11 [Alanath] says: you act like you 5
15:11 [Alanath] says: baby
15:11 [Lolypop] says: no 2
15:11 [Alexanderlol] says: #learntomakesence xD
15:11 [Alanath] says: ye a baby
15:11 [Oasis] says: haha
15:12 [Alanath] says: a big fat baby he looks like
15:12 [Alanath] says: spend all he's money to a game
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