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Kixzo's Suggestions (Very Long & Detailed)


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  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) :

General Improvement, Loot, Dungeon, more.





  • A short description : 

​First of all, the description will not be short. I have loads of suggestions that could improve this server in several ways. It's time for something to happen!

Secondly, I will be very criticizing in this post, it should not be taken as "server bashing" or anything similar, the only purpose of the post is to improve the server by first pointing out its weak spots and then how to improve them.

Thirdly, take your time and read it all through. My main language isn't english so there may be minor grammatical mistakes, but hopefully not. Also, consider if you agree with certain parts of the post. Post a comment where you explain why you do or why you don't.






§1.0.........................................................The Server in General.

§1.1.................................................................How Changes would affect the server.

§2.0.........................................................What Could Be Improved/Added/Extended/?



§2.3.................................................................Custom Currency(?).


§2.5.................................................................Drops/World Bosses.

§2.6.................................................................Title rewards.


§3.0.........................................................How to Pull This Off





§1.0 The Server in General.


IceCold-Eternian is a server which is good in many ways, but also a server that could be improved in many other ways as well.

The server has good things to offer; it has Custom Instances, Custom Mobs, a World Boss, Custom Items and other custom content.

Private servers containing those things is in my opninion the best ones. It gives you variety from retail together with new exciting items/instances/areas/bosses/challenges.


Eternian cover those areas pretty well, but not in a way that makes it enjoyable enough. There is pretty much only 2 ways to play this server which I will explain:

1: You enter the world, then you realize there is only ONE set of gear existing that you can upgrade/use. After this, you start farming mats for upgrading the gear you have got. You farm for weeks, maybe even months, until you finally achieve the last upgrade of your gear. Once this is done, you're thinking; "What can I do now? I have the best gear for non-donators, it must be plenty of things to do now?". You open the Magic Stone, scrolls through the different topics as you realize; There is nothing more to do. Leaving you there with your new good gear you have spent all this time to get, but yet for nothing.

2: You enter the world, you pay attention to the awesome VIP-sets and donation rewards you can receive by donating to the server. Then you enter the website, donates ~200-500 USD, once this is done you receive your gear. Excited as you are, you equip your beautiful VIP-set together with the mighty VIP - maybe even customized - weapons. You open the Magic Stone, enter and clear every single Custom Instance there is, but for what reason? Oh right, just because you can! You earn nothing from being a VIP, except that you can solo every instance and show off your cool gear for the other players.


So, just as the 1st example, the 2nd example also leaves you with absolutely NOTHING to do. You hang at the PvP Arena, killing some new players, talking with the guys.. Just chilling.. Maybe boosting a friend.. But there is nothing you can do for your own character. And that is the biggest issue, in my opinion. There is absolutely nothing to do once you have got your set fully upgraded, or donated for a set.


This was probably the most criticizing part of my post, the next paragraphs will contain lots of suggestions on how to improve the server and how to make it non-ending where you always have something to do.





 §1.1 How Changes Would Affect the Server.


If the developers of Eternian would dedicate a couple of weeks/months in developing the server in the right way, the results could be stunning. There would not only be more players playing the server, it would encourage more players to come, it would make people stay and not get tired of it because there is nothing to do. The server would grow as more people on the internet would get to know about it. 


Changes to the server could really take Eternian to a whole new level. It would no longer be a server with a start and a finish line, it would be a server with a start without a finish line, as it should be. I am very eager to discuss and express myself of how I think each area could be improved in the paragraphs below. I am not saying that my suggestions will lead to an increasing population, but I think they should be considered, and maybe modified until they can be applied to improve the server.





§2.0 What Could be Improved/Added/Extended?


I will dive into each topic below and explain how I think each area could be improved to give players a better experience of the server.





§2.1 Instances/Dungeons.


It's really not much wrong with the instances themselves. It's just their purpose that makes them kind of boring. Their only purpose is to give you materials to upgrade your gear, it has no chance to drop anything else than materials which has 100% drop rate every kill. The instances has a huge lack of excitement, it's not exciting to farm an instance or grind mobs somewhere if nothing exciting can drop. Players want instances to be exciting, they want the feeling of always having a chance of getting something really cool or rare whilst killing a mob/boss. Not just getting the same loot over and over again knowing there is absolutely no chance of getting something else.


If I would have a chance to determine, I would rename the current custom instances to <Custom Instances (Materials)> (or something similar). And then aim on creating new content with new instances containing lots of items with different drop rates. Like adding another topic to the Magic Stone named <Custom Instances (Items)> (or something similar) and add loads of new instances with different items I will talk more about in the next paragraph (§2.2).


The system would be like this, you have one topic including instances where you farm materials for the items/stuff you can achieve from the instances in the other new topic. So for example; the Onyxia's Lair instance would be moved to the new topic, since it drops items. The other instances which is in the current <Custom Instances> should stay in the same topic, since you only farm materials there. You could also name the instance like <Ragefire Chasm (VI)> or <Shadowfang Keep (V)> for new people who don't know in which instance the material they need is dropping. Another solution could be to evolve an addon like an AtlasLoot showing what drops in which instance. I made an addon like this on another private server by editing an existing addon (AtlasLoot), renaming retail instances into what they were named on the private server and then added the custom items that dropped there on the loot table under that instance. I also made a section for custom items, where players could check out other people's custom items, like an in-game armory for custom items, where players could find inspiration for their own customs or just check it out for fun. (If there would be any interrest in an addon like this, you can contact me in a private message here).


Also, I really miss questing, there is litteraly 0 quests you can do. I love doing daily quests as well as progressing through long quest lines which rewards you with something really nice at the end, maybe a mount, or a title that gives you a buff like Blessing of Kings or an aura making you look cool. This gives the VIP players who don't need gear from any instance something to do more than just boosting and waiting for Corrupted Phoenix to spawn. VIP players needs to feel like a Very Important Person, you don't feel like one if you donate and all you can do is hanging in Gurubashi Arena to show it off. You want to have benefits from being a VIP (except dealing huge damage), like a VIP-place to hang out in, maybe being able to farm a BoE VIP set for your alts so they don't need to gear themselves from 0. You could create VIP instances for VIPs only that drops exclusive stuff for the quest lines I was talking about before. The possibilities are endless, and could have a stunning effect on the server. 


As I have mentioned, the instances are well made as they are, you just need more of them, with interresting item drops and some variety, which I will discuss now in the next paragraph.





2.2 Gear/Items.


This is a pretty big issue on the server as well. There is only ONE viable set to get at the moment. You have to choose to either farm this set or donate for a set. I think this a huge dissapointment for many players out there, including me. I would like to see different kind of non-VIP sets as well as VIP-sets which you can't upgrade. Like a BoE VIP set you can farm from an instance which has a set amount of stats like 1300 Stam/Str/Agi/Int/Spirit and so on, which you can farm for alts or sell for some kind of custom currency, instead of having to start from 0 on every single character you create. Also a tradeable non-VIP set you can farm for those people who can't/haven't donate/donated would be nice to see, which would show that the server is not only supportive to the donating players, but also to those who enjoy the server as non-VIP.


As I mentioned in the paragraph before this (§2.1), instances with different kind of drops would make a huge difference on the server. Let's say there's an instance dropping pieces of a set along with a chance to drop a rare trinket/ring/neck/tabard/shirt/item with a cool use-effect on it. The excitement the player would experience while farming his set would be over 9000! He would feel excited every time he was about to loot a mob to see if he got either a piece of gear or maybe even the rare trinket. Also, imagine if those trinkets/rings/necks/tabards/shirts/items would be BoE, and the server would have a custom currency (for example Champion's Seal (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44990/champions-seal)), people could buy and sell those items in exchange of the custom currency which would drop in more or less amounts in different instances depending on how challenging they are. I will talk more about custom currency in the next paragraph (§2.3)


However, more variety of items and gear would make the server more interresting and exciting. It could be gear you can equip or just fun items with some nice auras/effects on it, it will make difference.  More gear to the people!





§2.3 Custom Currency(?)


Having a custom currency give the server a good flow. At the moment, all we got is MG (Magic Gold) which is used to upgrade the gear. It's good, but we would need a currency for trading and buying things. At the moment, there is no trading, since I started on the server - about ~5-6 days ago  - I have not seen a single item on the Auction House. Farming items you can then show off or sell for a good amount of "server-currency" is one of the best things there is. Either you get a cool item to show off, or you get some good money in your bag for it. MG is not enough as a currency, we need something players would really want, I haven't seen anyone who wants or asks for MG except a few new players who have nothing for their upgrades. 


But to introduce a new currency for a server requires something that reduces it as well, so the amount of existing currency won't increase to infinity (and cause inflation etc). It's like the upgrading now, it uses MG at every upgrade and therefore always reduces the existing amount of MG as players receive more. I haven't thought so much about this though, maybe there could be vendors or something where you could purchase stuff for the currency. This whole thought about introducing a custom currency is just an idea, nothing which I think should be priorized before the other areas I mention in this post.





§2.4 Areas.


I haven't much to say about this more than a few things. The players need somewhere to hang out instead of in a PvP arena. There is nothing wrong with the arena itself, it's well done, but most of the people I have talked to would like somewhere else to chill, where there isn't combat going on all the time nor a huge World Boss spawning. For example, you already got a nice place made by blizzard where you can start from. You know "Gallywix Pleasure Palace" in Azshara, it's perfect as a relax place, add fun objects to it, make it VIP-only or whatever you wish, the place is god damn perfect as a starting point for a hangout-area.





§2.5 Drops/World Bosses.


This is somewhat connected to §2.1 and §2.2 but it needs to be discussed as well. I think the server is in need of more world bosses, especially a boss who does not only drop 1 thing, which is mats. The Corrupted Phoenix is good in its way, it drops mats for upgrades, that's good, but we need at least 2-3 MORE bosses, each of them dropping either gear or quest material for bigger rewards and with different spawn times. It could be a boss available for VIP only who drops 1 part of the BoE VIP set I talked about before, as well as normal world bosses for everyone who has their own drops of items which makes them unique and interresting. At the moment, I feel no excitement at all about killing Corrupted Phoenix. Killing a boss should be exciting, you should think about the item you want it to drop while killing it and wish it will drop when it's downed. You want to feel the rush as you see the item you want drop, the only thing I think of when killing Corrupted Phoenix is if it will drop 1 or 2 Unbound Energy.. It should not be that way.


Together with new items to the server we need new instances and bosses with it, for some variation. 





§2.6 Title Rewards.


Personally, I think titles is the most enjoyable reward to farm for. This could be one of the main reasons some people want to donate, to achieve titles. It could be a title that requires you to collect all VII gear parts, together with mats and other stuff. It could be a title that requires you to farm endless of mats, from many different instances, from world bosses and maybe even from VIP instances, which requires you to be VIP to achieve the title. Titles is a proof that you have dedicated a lot of time and work for one objective, and I think many of the higher VIPs would enjoy farming for titles. As I mentioned before, maybe the titles could give you a buff or a cool aura effect? This would make it even more exciting to farm for. 


It could be custom titles e.g. "Kixzo, The Unicorn Tamer", "Kixzo, The Risen", "Soulcollector Kixzo" - whatever, the name of the title is not that important. The important thing is that it should be challenging for a non-VIP as well for a VIP to achieve titles, and to keep players busy doing stuff after they have got their gear. Titles is perfect for that purpose.





§2.7 PvP


There is not much to mention here as well. There is a PvP Arena which is good. I have a vision though, I doubt if it's possible, but it is to have a few working battleground or Arenas where only retail pvp gear is allowed, and a few working battlegrounds or Arenas where IceCold gear is available. I'm not sure if it's even possible to do, but another issue is that there is not enough players online to even have a battleground. There is usually about 10-25 people online all the time (I haven't seen less than 10 but I have seen more than 25), anyway, in order to have a battleground, it requires 80%-100% of the server to participate, which is almost impossible since there is probably always a few people who's either AFK, has to eat or don't want to take part. 


So, the ideas of PvP isn't something that can be invented in the near future, firstly the server's population has to grow.





§3.0 How to Pull This Off


I suggest that you look into these ideas, consider which you should priorize, start working on them and release everything in ONE big patch, like an expansion. It won't be as good to just release one quest line one week, one instance 2 weeks after that and so on.. The best effect would be if you released the entire project in one patch. Players would be stunned and barely know where to start, imagine what a feeling. There would be so much to do and the server would attract so many more players. Also, just because you have created one big patch doesn't mean you can just lay back and watch. You must release new stuff all the time, new instances together with questlines, dailys, gear, titles, mounts or other items. This will make people stay, they will never get bored and the community would keep on growing.


I can see if it's hard to know where to start. A good suggestion is to have different polls where you ask the players what they think. Ask them what kind of instances they would like, give them alternatives and let them choose what they like best, and then bring the most voted alternative(s) in game! You have to work hard for a server to be succesive. Both you as a player, developer and admin would benefit from this. And most important, it would be FUN.





  • How and Who would that Benefit :

These changes would benefit for everyone, exactly everyone. Each player would benefit, the admin/developers would benefit as well as the entire community. The players would have loads of more stuff to do in game, instead of working for one set and then there is nothing to do. The admin and developers should see an increasing population on the server, as well as an increasing economic rate. I believe everything would increase from applying such changes as the suggestions above. 





  • Any screenshots/images if needed :
No screenshots/images.
I've put a lot of time into writing this post, I hope you read it and find it useful for the future of IceCold-WoW. The server really has potential of becoming a huge popular server, but improvements must be applied before this can happen. 
If you have any questions or opinions you want to share, please do it in the comment section below.
Thanks in advance,
Sincerely yours,


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Okay I read it. Personally I'd love to try and put those ideas into the server. The issue is I have no clue how long it will take to figure out, so it's definitely not an overnight kind of thing. I like the amount of effort you put into it, so don't think I'm shooting your ideas down. Especially right now I don't have a lot of free time to work on this since I can only access WoW while I'm at work, it will take even longer. But eventually I'd love to sit down with you and try and see what we can get done.

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Lots of great ideas, honestly this server needs something to turn it around from where it's going. At first I thought this realm was the coolest thing ever than I farmed, I farmed some more, and some more until I realized "what do I do after I finish gearing", I already had the answer for this and it was, sit around and do absolutely nothing so that's when I decided to take a week (or so) break from this realm to see if I come back to new content (which the answer was no). I'm pretty hopefull that something comes to this realm to give it that spark, but if content is going to be released once a month than I can't see anything really happening that will excite me and put me back to the start when this realm brought me back to wow yet alone Icecold.


Anyways after all that non-sense, I want to repeat myself and say I love your idea's and hopefully they work on them or hire someone with more spare time that can get this done in a few weeks or months. :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

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  • 2 months later...

Oh I completely forgot about this thread.. I stopped playing on the server a couple of days after I wrote this and completely forgot about it.

Right now I'm just curious if there has been any changes? Any new content or more stuff to do?


And yes Nightcorez, the suggestions is very similar to the things PL had. I miss it a lot. :/ 

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