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Upgrading Bags with stats. Blub-z Version


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Suggestion Format

  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) :
  • Adding 3 more bags with stats into one instance (u already have MT, but i would suggest making it into another instance like Deadmines/stonecore/forge of souls etc.)
  • (Making Some camp of mobs [10-15 mobs close to eachother,]into some place for aoe killing and more Fun/mats.)
  • making a Bag farm place, (adding each mob with 20-40 mil hp ,making every mob drop 1-2 Materials[this would be perfect in my opinion])
  • (1)First bag-will need 100Materials in total for the first upgrade(BagI), 200 for the next upgrade (BagII) ,300 for (BagIII),400 for (BagIV), 500 for bag(V) 
  • First Bag Stats- Should be a choice to get Caster , Melee or combining all the stats, 
  • BagI- 400stats ,  BagII- 650 stats , BagIII- 850 stats , BagIV 1150 Stats and BagV 1500 stats(it would be the first one and the most easiest to farm -reason for the low stats, also No haste at all
  • the first bag should be easier to get compare to the other bags, just to get a kick in for farming alot more afterwards.
  • You can get to the second bag upgrade Only by Finishing up your first bag. if u dont know how to make it , then after the BagV quest u will recieve a quest that will give you the bagV + the new bagI  (first upgrades need less mats , at all times because of that.)
  • (2)Second bag- Will need 200 materials (BagI) ,400 for (BagII), 600 for (BagIII), 800 for (Bag IV) and 1000 materials for the final (BagV)
  • Second bag stats- Will be better in the start like 600(BagI)  , 1000 stats (BagII), 1250stats (BagIII), 1500 (BagIV) and For Bag(V) id say about 2000-2250 stats
  • You will need fully Upgraded 1-st Bag and 2-nd Bag to continue for the next bag
  • (3)Third bag- Will need 400 materials (BagI), 650-700 for (BagII) , 700-900 (BagIII), 1100-1200 for (BagIV) and for Bag(V) would be like 2000 mats (because of the awsome stats)
  • Third Bags Stats- would look like 
  • BagI-800 stats , BagII-1100stats , BagIII-1500stats, Bag IV-2000Stats and , BagV is like 2500-3000 Stats cause of the high farming ull need to do.
  • Making the mobs with a Very little Mount/companions drop (like 0,1%) so it would be more useful/fun and more Giving.There can be many placed where mounts/companions drop , but i think if youre going to kill the dudes All the time , why not get something else sometimes?
  • short description : If u disagree with the mats/stats i get it , but the idea itself should be useful enough.
  • How and Who would that Benefit :
  • it will benefit the non-vips by getting to do something when youre done farming for your latest upgraded gear+ Vips too
  • For vips- because they might get bored and start camping in arenas xD
  • For the server probably selling the mats with $ or not its by your choice ^^,
  • this would be ideal... and u dont need to farm bags as much as the other things.


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