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Lost Basin


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  • Suggestion Type  : Dungeons and Loot

  • A short description : Lost Basin sould be able to leave and reset the instance. it'd be faster to get iron just killing those 2 bosses and resetting than farming FJ and it isn't too much that it'd be op or broken.

  • How and Who would that Benefit : Anyone, new and non-donor players especially

  • Any screenshots/images if needed : nop
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The problem with Lost Basin on Eternian is that they made it in a non-instanced map. Now to make it instanced, they would have to spawn it into another map that is instanced. Another way would be making the non-instanced map they have it in right now into an instanced map, which would probably require patching. And as such, Ice doesn't really want to use patches or anything like that since not everyone uses the launcher.

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