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Does this server have "OP" VIP gear?


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I am looking for a server with OP donor gear.  I used to play WoWScape back in the day and haven't played a private server since they shut down.  I want gear that I can solo tank any raid if I want, or I can 1 shot people in PVP.  I see there is VIP level 7 gear that costs $280, but you have to look at the stats in game.  :'(  What kind of gear do you offer here?

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Gear is based on the realm you play.

Ice-Reaper: VIP7 Example. (Click anywhere on this line)
Ice-Reaper: A realm where you are always at 0.01 haste, from start to finish

Ice-Eternian: VIP7 Example. (Click anywhere on this line) - The stats are kind of awkward, the server is based off of Eternion-WoW, and uses all of it's old items to bring back the feel for old players.

Ice-Eternian: A realm where you're challenged to reach maximum haste, by getting trinkets, gems, or buying a tabard on the store. Haste is capped at 12800, and you will be able to cast spells instantly, while moving.

Both realms in my opinion are extremely fun, and sometimes more challenging than the other in different areas. I'd get a feel for both realms before you do antyhing.

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Sorry, I'm not used to the stats in WoW.  I just played my favorite characters. 

Is 0.01 Haste good?

The Brink of Desturction Warrior Helm with 15,000 Stamnia...how does that stack up to a regular helmet you would find from raiding?

Also, I see there are only about 7 people currently online.  Is this true ? :'(

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The server population is a lot better at most times of the day, but we do have our down times.

On Ice-Reaper with 0.01 haste at all times you'll be swinging/casting at 0.01 seconds or swings per second.

On Ice-Eternian after earning your haste cap, you will swing every 0.00 seconds (A lot) or cast instantly, and can cast while moving.

The gear you see is basically the best gear in the game, on Ice-Eternian you're allowed to make a custom item to look how you like, and be named how you like, and add stats for a certain price, which can be found on the forums. I'll be able to fill you in on more about Ice-Eternian, as I'm the founder of the realm. I'm not the smartest when it comes to Ice-Reaper, so maybe someone else can fill you in more there.

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