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Corrupted Phoenix Bug


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  • Player's Name :
    • Diego/ Innocence

  • Rule Broken :
    • Player bugged the boss because he did not get the tag.
    • Any cheats, hacks, duping and exploits are strictly forbidden. Bug abusing for self-benefit is considered an exploit. If caught, you will recieve a permanent ban. If you find a bug, report it to a GM/Admin by making a ticket or emailing it to the admin with enough information about it.
    •  Resetting a boss to full health to gain control of the loot is forbidden. This will result in a ban.

  • What Happened :
    • Player did not gain control of the boss, so he ran out of the arena with the boss's aggression on him. The player ran down a waterfall to remove the tag on the boss.

  • Screenshots : (Required)

  • post-108180-0-47984100-1397451184_thumb.post-108180-0-94703200-1397451204_thumb.post-108180-0-82768700-1397451222_thumb.
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