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hey guys, Briggs :)


So i love this server. I played back in 3.3.5 and it was amazing. 200+ people daily. actually being able to find a group for instances rather than begging a donor to run you :yucky: . This is OUR server and it won't get bigger and better while we just sit on our asses and talk crap like people love to do here.... If we want OUR Eternion to get better, we're going to have to do it together!


The first thing you can do is to tell your friends. anyone that plays any form of world of warcraft at all. You got a friend on retail, tell him to try it out. Remember a buddy from another server, hit them up and tell them to come over here and give it a try. Your friends will tell their friends will tell their friends.


The next thing we have to do is start voting. Servers explode when they get on those front pages of the private server websites. I know we don't have much to vote for right now but I talked to a few devs and they said they have some cool stuff planned ;) so start saving up those vote points :thumbsup: !


I want to see this server hit the hundreds daily that we had back in the glory days and i promise you, if you weren't around to experience it, you definately want to contribute and make this server the top 10 it used to be!!!!

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