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[09/04/14] Upgrades & New Mall and rule


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The following have been added to the Upgrade Gems for non-VIPs.

  • Cloaks
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Trinkets
  • Chilled Arcanite Reaper V


Any questions, concerns, or bugs, please private message me here on the website.

We've also created a new, more common mall, in Shattrath, and corrected the player spawn location to be at the mall, in front of all of the class trainers. Any suggestions to add to this mall are always welcome via PM to myself.

Another rule we've just added.

SEVERE: There will be NO toleration for encouraging or harassing a player about self harm, suicide, or personal loss. There is no reason in any situation for this, and the first offense is a 24 hour mute. There is NO reason we should warn you about this. Any offences afterwards will result in a 7 day IP Ban, and on your 3rd offense, you will no longer be welcome on Eternian (Not sure about Reaper, currently), as we do not need anyone degrading another persons life over a video game.

If seen, please submit a screenshot to the forum, and there will be consequences given.

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