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Disrespect, Harassment


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Player's Name : Undone


Rule Broken : Player Disrespect, Serious Disrespect, Harassment.


What Happened : I was playing my rogue, Sean, and player Undone was in the arena. I attempted to attack and kill his character, Undone. I failed after one kill and he persisted to camp my character. I told him to stop, implying that I have a bigger character, Botd. I camped him back about three times, and stopped. He then started killing me and flying away with his druid's instant flying mount, healing, stealthing, and repeating this until I flew up with a mount to tab out. Undone repeatedly called me a scrub. He called me a crappy donating paladin, because I donated for customs on my paladin.

I got back onto my rogue to chill in the arena and talk to people, and he started camping me again, t-bagging my corpse vigorously and telling me to "QQ moar noob" and other such things, taunting me. 

Then after I had shown that I wanted him to stop, he told me to kill myself, and attempted to save it after saying that. I have done nothing to this player other than attempt to fairly PvP, and to camp him which was deserved. This persisted for more than an hour.


Screenshots : (Required)



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You are reporting a player for killing you in the PvP arena...

His disrespectful comments are worth reporting but still you over-reacted to him killing you in a PvP area.

The arena is not a chill zone, it's for PvPing.

On top of that, you were afk most of the time anyways and got pissed off from him killing you.

You over-reacting to someone killing you in the PvP arena cussing at him and all that lead to the player disrespecting you. I was there watching invis.

All the same both of you were in the wrong disrespecting each other.

Both of you will be muted in doing so.



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