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Eternian Gear Transfer [IMPORTANT]


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For Eternian players wishing to transfer their custom gear to another character! This also includes moving products from one character to another.
The transfer keys offered on the website's store are only capable of transferring ONE product, and it can not be a custom item.
Using these keys as a purchase may cause it to take longer for administrators to transfer your things.
If you wish to transfer custom items, please create an Administration Ticket to contact the administrators for the Eternian Realm.

In the ticket please include:
Character Name (transferring from): 
Character Name (transferring to): 
This is the current option to do transfers of custom gear until Eternian staff or IceCold Staff create a way to transfer custom gear. You will be billed $10 by our staff within the ticket.
Thank you for your time,

There have been some updates for transfers: follow the
tutorial, or look at the price guide for more information on transfers for custom gear, or purchases on Eternian.

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As some of you may already know, the transfer keys you purchase on the store are no longer available on Eternian for use to transfer anything. If you need to transfer anything, make an admin ticket and it should be serviced as quickly as possible.


There has been some kind of confusion about how this process works, so if you have questions PLEASE message me. I will be glad to help you out with anything on Reaper and Eternian.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


-[ice-E] Botd

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