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  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : Area loot effect so when you kill mobs you don't have to sit there trying to loot them, especially when sometimes they still glow even know they've been looted.
  • A short description : When you kill a group of mobs and some stack and it's hard to loot them if you loot one it loots them all.
  • How and Who would that Benefit : It would be quicker and easier for everyone to loot mobs. Especially when  you don't know if they've been looted or not because they still glow from a bug.
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :

  • Other: In Mist of Pandaria this was introduced but i don't know if you guys can add something like this, but it would be awesome.
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Unfortunately no one has figured out a bug free method for AoE Looting <<-- Thats the actual name of the function/effect.   It would be cool if we had it because I agree it would be loads easier on our souls when looting from a pile of mobs like when you kill stuff in MT.

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We're attempting to look through the source code of the 5.x.x servers that have been released and to figure out the function that is being used to loot for an AOE Looting method, but there's a lot of changes, and a lot of functions that we would need to add and debug before we can even see if this is capable without rewriting the core.

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