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[Tutorial] Custom Item Creation


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Welcome Ice-Eternian!

This guide is to improve the outcome quality when creating custom item requests, or re-customizing your customized items.

What you need:

Wowhead, your brain or calculator, a notepad utility, and about 30 minutes.


To get started, you will need to know what you want. You can create items from nothing, or use items you have upgraded to get higher stats. You will lose any original items you use when creating a customized item out of them.


You can change the name, description, and weapon type once the item is first customized, and any other time you do any transfers or stat additions.


Follow the format to the highest accuracy so that your ticket will be easier and faster for the Administrator that is servicing you. If you do not follow the format, your ticket may be delayed until all information is received. The Administrator servicing your custom request ticket may request that you fill in the format at their discretion. The format is used to prevent errors, as the Ice-Eternian Administration has to manually do all the custom requests.



Follow the same format you would follow as though you're making a new item for any recustomizations you may request. Adding stats is pretty simple, all you have to do is request to add 'X' amount of 'Y' Stat to 'Z' Item like the format in the link below shows.



Info & Tips

Below are some useful links to inform you. It is recommended that you follow the below links for the best outcome of your item.

Color Codes



Visit: [Price List]

Request Format

Happy Spending!

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