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Need more custom quests.

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  • Suggestion Type ( General Improvement ):- New/more custom quests.
  • A short description :- Armor, weapons, etc are too easy to obtain and lack any type of storyline.  Upgrades are too easy as well.  
  • How and Who would that Benefit :- It will benefit everyone.  It gives everyone something to actually work for and a feeling of contentment. 
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :- None available


Everything just seems too easy to get now days as far as grinding goes.  We used to have to actually farm in order to upgrade gear and complete quests to obtain the initial pieces.  Heroism, sunset, courage, etc.  Weapons were the same.  Kill illidan to get warglaives and upgrade them 15 times before they were maxed.  then turn them in for frostmourne and upgrade that 5 times.  not just go to a weapon vendor, farm for a day and its maxed.   I understand many of us are vip whatever level but some of us still like to farm too.


Long story short, we dont actually have much to do aside from camp battle angel after a couple days of playing.

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That idear is good there is only i think 5 farming places, but we must remember that this realm is rather new, Ek should (and im sure will) go all the way to hero ek 7, I think it would be nice to have separate farming places.

I was thinking of adding EF (Old grinding instance) and the warglaives upgrades, but as someone els has said up the stats on them a bit,

I think they are adding frostmourn but I think they should not add it yet, start with warglaive like the old times, and add EF to farm for glaive, (easy to kill the monster but must kill 100's of them) then at a high rank it changes to frostmourn then you farm for frostmourn (make it a diffrant instance)


As for heroisum>sunset>courage gear, i think they should be vote point items, Add heroisum to the Vote vender (about 10 votes a peace depending on the stats),

then use upgrade gem on it, id say add a new world boss (menchaned in a other thread) that drops items to upgrade them (kinda like what BA is doing ATM,) The boss i think  should be like WOS (will of sargares) and then for courage, We must have to grind to get it.

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Maby make it so we can upgrade the ek set to different set's tht could even be better then some vip set's if you farm long enough or do it as on old e wow full courage would be worth vip 3-4 same as for weapons ofc make it much harder to farm like fhew month's worth of time

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I think maybe 10 vp per piece would be a bit much as you are looking at several months time just voting then although maybe a lower amount would probably work well.  maybe like 4.  this way it takes about 8 days just to get the full set to begin upgrading.  I also think it should be the initial set that only requires vp and then follows a quest chain where you must upgrade the set to another set and so on for 3-4 version sets.  this keeps in line with the heroism, sunset, courage, ek or equivalent set up.  


This also makes sure new players are voting which helps increase overall votes thus rankings increase and finally increases our exposure causing even more new players to join.


As for adding EF, i think thats a great idea.  and since it is a pvp realm, there will be competition while farming ef also making it more interesting as before.   

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