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Hammer of Righteousness and Avenger's Shield


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Those two abilities are powered by Strength.


If a Paladin has craploads of Strength, like me, Aint or a normal ViP7, they'll be able to hit for more because of their stats.


If your main specialization is Protection; The more Strength you have, the more Spell Power you'll get and the more damage you'll do with those two abilities.

Well, pretty much all offensive abilities on a Paladin.


It doesn't have to be nerfed, it just has to be modified, making it so that it will only scale with either Strength or SP.


Nice suggestion though. :)



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Last I checked, higher stats usually meant more damage.  One of the main reasons for getting a higher vip level is for increased hp, damage and haste.  I just think everyone needs to adjust to the new core at this time.  its similar to how eternion was when it ran arcemu on 3.3.5 and prior.  main difference is now everyone has higher hp, weps have higher dmg and haste cap is higher.  this goes for all players and not just vip.  All players receive the same boost per stat increase depending on class so its not entirely vip specific or requiring a nerf in my opinion.  you might as well be complaining about rogues with high haste being able to turn invisible, stun you and then kill you in a fraction of a second or casters being able to kill you before you reach them.  Im vip7 and i cant hit for no 2 mill with judgements and skills in protection.  I only hit for 300k or so and dont have full talents which makes me think it may have more to do with full talents and not so much in relation to high stats.  

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