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Reporting Zuess and Zanxus for Honor Farming


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Name of character you are reporting: Zuess and Zanxus
Date/Time of incident: 2/1/2014 around 1:00-1:45pm
Reason for report: Zuess and Zanxus were sitting in the Netherstorm, Instant Revive, both Opposite factions to each other, Killing each other over and over, Zuess has 700 total kills for today, and Zanxus is right behind him in kills.  When Energyqt went to the Nether and caught them doing it, they attempted to duel each other and say that thats all they were doing.  Zanxus gets mad because he knows that he was doing it and tries cussing me out.  Zuess trying saying that he killed some noobs earlier or some dumb sh.it like that.


Video Coming Soon.

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