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The Risen


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Hello IceCold-WoW,


On January 25th, 2014 a new guild was formed. The goals of this guild was to become a massive Empire Guild, a guild that will dominate IceCold-WoW. The Risen are looking for players to join this guild. We are newly formed but, with help from players joinning this guild, we plan on PVE event, such as guild group Deathwing runs, guild instance runs for farmming. We also want to fill our entire bank full of assortmants of items, ranging from demonic gear all the way to ravaged gear. PVP we are looking for players who enjoy PVP events so our idea is to bring back the 2v2 tournements (once The Risen is large enough). This guild looks in aiding players in PVE and PVP help. So clearly there is only one choice for you! Join The Risen today!


All ideas of this guild will take time due to server population and people not joinning The Risen but promise you will see this happen!

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