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New idea(s) for ice.


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First of all i want to wish everyone a happy new year and a merry christmas, second i would like to put forth my ideas.




  • New arenas, the old ones are getting lame
  • Under water area perhaps lel.
  • make ports to kezan and the malestrom where Thrall is standing 
  • Starter area on KEZAN perhaps...
  • Xmog vendor available in deepholm, cheap items for gold, good items for icegold, and rare items for xmog tokens or vote points.
  • underwater arena ! >:D and new bosses for the instances.


  • you should immplement a character save system, so when you have to delete them, they are stored in a sort of folder or what not, and you can manage them from there, remove gear, gold etc...
  • enable mind control for priests.
  • makes bags available in starter gear vendor.
  • make a trade character option for when you want to strictly trade toons not spend money, cuz sometimes im broke af, and i need MOAR TOONS.









What do you call the sickness era gets often???




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