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Hey dear IceCold players,

I would have a new great idea for a new Donor Item/Spell...


It would be "TriSpec"; You have about 150 TalentPoints to use, to skill all possible talents! 30$ for it would be okay :D

I dont know what is extra for the single classes, i just know that a Paladin can use his Wings all the time!

Well that was my idea! I am interested to hear your mind about it!!!


Keep Calm and Love IceCold <3


Strange .mod morphs o.O

I know you want it.

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There was tri-spec before on the server, but only GMs were allowed to get it. And from what I saw using it long ago it was too OP for any player to have so no, we will not be having tri-spec be available to anyone anymore (not even GMs).

yes i agree with molten too

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