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Reporting <name removed> (Cole)


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Name of character you are reporting: Reporting Cole entirely for account theft and stealing items.


Date/Time of incident: October 29th to December 9th


Reason for report: I allowed him access to the account. Halfway through the duration he had the account he transferred a few of my characters off of it onto his account, I talked to Ryan to give them back. Cole thought it was just a good joke. Later I find out that he changed the password and Email of the account so I could no longer access it, another "joke" from Cole. I got fed up and changed everything back to just me. I find out later that he took 1,000 ice gold bars from my character then tries to sell them and says

"[6:35:56 PM] Cole: Jansen thanks 4 the ice gold

[6:35:56 PM] Cole: lul
[6:36:25 PM] Cole: Imma enjoy these 1,00 ice bars.
[6:36:33 PM] Cole: 1,000*"
All why a few gms and the head admin were in the same conversation. Then he proceeds to say in game 


All of the "Proof" section is above.


I believe he deserves a good ip ban of his ip and his neighbors ip which he logs on when he is ip banned or it is past his bedtime.

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There has been an increase in the number of support requests filed about this, and we need to make it clear for anyone in the future. As you should know if you read the rules, the sharing or selling of accounts is absolutely not supported or advised in any way.


This means that if you share your account, sell your account, or buy an account, absolutely ALL responsibility for handling it is on you.


As you know, a valid email that you control is needed for you to properly own an account. If you don't control the email, the person who does can reset your password at any time and you'll never get it back. An email can only be changed by the person who controls the current email. That means if you're buying an account, you should ensure the email is changed to your own by the original owner. This is again your own responsibility.


IceCold will not ever change an account email without absolute ownership proof and a valid reason. Any support requests asking for an email change because they bought or shared an account, will be denied immediately.


Please keep the above in mind if you're considering buying or selling an account.





and, using my full name is going into my privacy and private life, which doesn't help you much.


Don't see any ice bars though.



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12. Scamming or attempting to scam is forbidden. When caught, you may face a permanent ban.

And you were even so kind as to put your characters name back up there for everyone to see proving that it is your character. And another thing, showing a picture of your bags means nothing. It is super easy to mail them to an alt or make an alt account.

Plus hacking into someones email account is also I'm sure, is against the rules.

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  • Staff

Okay, I am sorry you two had a fall from grace and now are at each other. But here is the bottom line, you two shared the accounts. That means there was a mutual agreement to allow access to each other's account and there was no "attempt to scam" since you willingly gave out personal info.


Let this be a prime example of why its not a good idea to account share even with friends. And it is also why Icecold does not support accounts who share.

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