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Suggestions For Icecold


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I'm making a few suggestions here! ^_^ Feel free to join in and share your thoughts!

  • Icecold-WoW Needs More Advertisement?

Believe it or not. Only a select few people have really taken the time to vote for Ice

Taking about 3 mins to vote for icecold can really help out in the long run! a lot of people already

know about icecold but the more the better?

we need to make events weekly for people to participate in. maybe even put them on a Official Icecold

YouTube account? If people see a lot of fun things happening on the server they will want to join ^_^


  • Icecold-WoW Needs More Gear?

Several people have been screaming about new gear. whether you agree or not? the majority always rules out.

So how about those new gear sets? Gear ideas? A lot of them are great, How about everyone coming up with

a specific set for themselves and naming them something not only you would enjoy but others also.

If everyone makes good ideas on set. maybe you could vote for a specific few sets? help the Staff out with decision making ^_^
Each set should have a weapon to go with it that way you can have your main weapons for your sets? but also other random fun weapons that don't belong to any set? ~(Ideas For Sets N' Stuff Started by Glitch, 01 Jul 2013)

As Molten has said on several accounts. Their is already stuff planned after Impeccable but is in charge :3.
How about making more suggestions though help Tiri out here!


  • Icecold-WoW Needs More Dungeons?

I 101% agree on this, I've played Icecold for along time! I would love to see new dungeons. New bosses to fight. New armor and gear

to obtain. I mean who wouldn't?  The fact that is taking so long I can totally see how some people are flipping out, ripping out hair,
breaking into stores and stealing Tvs, burning buildings and slashing tires over it. Well, A bit dramatic. But you get the point.


I'm not making to topic to judge Icecold. but to maybe better it ^_^


Here are my suggestions!

I suggest that everyone come together and help get what they want done; done. :D

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We need an event maker back.


Weekly events to make the server go into a hype. A time that's good for all continents to host the event in, US / EU mostly. Maybe a tournament once in a while with like a voters gear piece as reward and you can reskin it to show that you've won the event.



Maybe fix the dungeon finder. Make it so you can get in the custom dungeons. You need a minimum requirement gearscore to get in nexus for example. (Full forbidden set gearscore).

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