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Put an End to Account Sharing / "Hacking"


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Alright, these past few days have been nothing but arguing, bitching at one another and crying because your account was "Stolen"

I know for damn sure your account wasn't "Stolen" but you simply gave out your damn info to a guy over the internet, Genius.


Just like Credit Cards, if someone says "Let me use your credit card" you're obviously not gonna lend it to them, so why lend your account, may not be the same thing, but it's like that.


The more tickets you account sharing kids make about your account being "Hacked" or "Stolen" pisses Ryan off more and more, and before you know it, Ryan is going to reach the breaking point and throw absolute locks on everything, so your password can't be changed, your email can't be changed, and all of that fun stuff.


So, if your account gets "Hacked" well, tough Sh*t, cause it's a known fact that you account shared.   Because most everyone knows it is impossible to hack through the Ice system and get a password.  Unless you are Ryan.


If you get hacked, Don't go straight to World Chat ranting about someone stealing it, because that just starts a sh*t storm and which leads to mutes, reports, and bans.  So just don't.


So seriously, stop god damn account sharing and play the game like normal.




More Info..


Ryan has already stated Here, of the consequences of account sharing...




There has been an increase in the number of support requests filed about this, and we need to make it clear for anyone in the future. As you should know if you read the rules, the sharing or selling of accounts is absolutely not supported or advised in any way.


This means that if you share your account, sell your account, or buy an account, absolutely ALL responsibility for handling it is on you.


As you know, a valid email that you control is needed for you to properly own an account. If you don't control the email, the person who does can reset your password at any time and you'll never get it back. An email can only be changed by the person who controls the current email. That means if you're buying an account, you should ensure the email is changed to your own by the original owner. This is again your own responsibility.


IceCold will not ever change an account email without absolute ownership proof and a valid reason. Any support requests asking for an email change because they bought or shared an account, will be denied immediately.


Please keep the above in mind if you're considering buying or selling an account.

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I support all of this, all of the drama over account sharing and people to have their account "stolen" is annoying. If you don't want to run the risk of it having stolen, DON'T ACCOUNT SHARE.


It really is that simple.


If you're someone who does account share, you may want to re-think what you're doing. 

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