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Hello there! You just opened a WotLK server... GREAT IDEA ! Everyone sets their rates... BETTER IDEA ! Now i wanna ask something.. how about a Mists of Pandarea server too? Will get you many players since there is only one atm private. I know it's a very hard work since the files are very hard to obtain and still, if you get them they'll be buggy as hell. Anyways, with some work you'll get a brand new server for everyone, and if you make it with custom rates like the WotLK i'm sure you'll get players in no time ! If anyone agrees or has an opinion about this i'm eager to hear them ^_^ !

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I think now is not a good time to start a MoP server. since a blizzlike MoP already exists and is buggy as hell. (i play on taran'zhu lvl 90 mage) and alot of dungeons and raids don't work.
even alterac valley pvp you get dc. i think i rather have a Cata server from icecold. (blizzlike not funserver)

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