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Forum Signatures. -Coward


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Hey guys, unfortunately I can't play WoW for quite a while (shoulda said this 4 weeks ago ^^). But if anyone would like any forum signatures (I did a few for quite a bit of people I'll mention in the end of this post).

I would do forum signatures for a pretty low price, not more than 1/3/5 Ice Bar/s? (or w/e they were called)

What I'll need:-

Character Name:- 
Guild/Text (under your name) :-
Character Screen shot (highest quality - zoomed in - alt + z) :-
-----Type of background -----
*Orange/Pink/Dark Purple (3 Ice Bars)
*A picture you found on google (1 Ice Bar)
*One of my Abstract Backgrounds (5 Ice Bars)
*A background you'd like me to try to make (5 Ice Bars) --- You need to tell me what you'd like in it [ex: Superman sign]

I obviously won't take any of the bars but instead I'll ask someone to take it for me (most preferably a GM) and give it out to a random person in an event.

People I've made signatures for:-

Thanks for reading, leave a post if you'd like one.

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