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Launcher Trouble

razzle frakes


So, a few days ago I had to redownload a wow folder compatible with IceCold. The problem is when I reinstall the game patch all the folders are empty except for a 1kb file called icecold_IceCold-Reaper.dat
No, I don't have any security programs running and the firewall has the exception. I've tried this with every single application disabled other than windows explorer and things required to run the computer, still nothing. I would just download another torrent of it but I just finished the download and clicked the launcher instead of the wow.exe and now it's unusable :'( just wondering if anybody has had this problem before but if not I'll just download another torrent.

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I fixed my problem if anybody else has this happen to them. Internet Explorer changed my settings :/ anyway this is what I did:
1. Open Internet Explorer

2. On the menu bar go to the Tool tab
3. At the bottom there is Internet Options, open that
4. Go to LAN settings near the bottom right
5. Make sure Automatically Detect Settings is unchecked
I don't even use IE and it still messes up my computer. Awesome

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Okay well. First I suggest that you just download WoW through the Icecold launcher.


If this issue still occurs, I honestly don't know.

That's what I've been doing, reinstall game patch and all that (I know how to do it, I've always gotten my wow folders this way) It's just like the .rar that gets unpacked has an empty data folder or something. I opened the .rar in the middle of downloading once just to check and the only  thing that had anything in it was the main folder with wow.exe

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